What are the Different Types of Signage?


If you manage a business and want to find out all the types of signanes that you can set to your store, then you are in the right article! In this article we will list all the types of storerfont signs with their starting costs. Signanes are very famous tools that help business to attract more customers. So, let’ s jump into the list:

Plywood Sign

This type of sign is very minimalist and simple. You can choose from a variety of differnt woods and you can customize it as you want. The plywood signs are the perfect choice for every business that want to add an old-fashion style to their shops. These type of storefront signs are also not very expensive, as a 4×4 painted sign starts from $50.

Fabric Sign

Fabric Signs are fitting every business, as they can be customized with any way you want! You can add different colors and fit any logo you want! This type of sign, is very popular because of its affordable price, although they aren’t so durable! This happens because Fabric signs are made from vinyl, plastic or nylon and these materials aren’t very strong. Their price though is pretty good as it starts from $3 per square foot. You can also buy more resistant materials if you want your sign to have a bigger lifetime.

Metal Logo Sign

This type of sign is more expensive and professional, as metal logo signs start from around $200. What make these signs so unique is their 3D shape. That makes them more easy to be read and more attractive to customers. You can also make them more ergonomic, by adding lights sources to them for the night!

Painted Glass Sign

I am sure you should have seen painted store windows If you want to take advantage of the front window of your store, you can add your beautiful logo on it. This technique starts from $150 and can reach up to $1000 if you want a more detailed sign. This type of sign is aiming on every business that want to make its store more attractive and beatiful.

Metal Board Sign

Metal Board signs are similar to Metal Logo signs but they also have a metal board. They start from $300 and fit very well to stores to want to give a more unique style to their business. You can also customize the sign with any way you want and you can choose exactly the material that the board will be made of. Of course more durable and strong materials cost more.

Awning Sign

Awning signs are signs that both advertise your business and also provide protection to your customers (and store) from rain and other weather conditions. The signs start from $500 and let you add your logo in every part of the sign you choose! They are durable and can last you many years, and they can offer a great look to your business too!


The types of signs that we mentioned are our best suggestions for new business that want to add a beautiful and cheap sign in their stores! Good luck with your business!

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