Local Seo Keyword Research

Local Keyword research is essential if you are a small business, yet very often overlooked by business owners.

But if you really want to rank in local search results it should be a fundamental aspect of your strategy.

When researching local keywords you should consider many variations of the same words, keywords you haven’t thought about, prioritise them based on search volume etc…

But if you’ve never done this before it can quickly get overwhelming, especially if you don’t even have the right tools.

In today’s video i am showing you how to do some solid local keyword research quickly, efficiently and at no cost so at the end of the tutorial you have a keyword list you can work with for months to come.

How to optimise your Google My Business Listing

25-minute local SEO audit

SEO in Under 5 minutes a day

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Bulk Keyword Research Generator


Kewyword surfer plugin

Google Sheet Formula
You tube won’t allow me to copy the formula in the description, just pause the video at 7:56 and replicate it on your own sheet

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