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Learn how you can find Low Competition Keywords for your Website.

Low Competition Keywords are those which can provide (relatively) quick traffic and long-tail rankings.

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Table of Contents:

0:00 Intro

01:16 Find the Keywords related to your website

02:14 Select the Keywords

02:45 Find the Competition of the Keywords

07:12 Write content for your website

09:07 How Google ranks websites

09:45 Find the low Competition Keywords using a free tool

To find Low Competition Keywords, you have to do 3 steps,

Step 1: Find the Keywords (which people are searching for) related to your website’s topic

Go to “” site.

Enter your Website’s topic.

Click ‘Search’.

Now you’ll get a list of keywords which people search for, related to the topic.

Once you’ve found the keywords, you can move to the next step.

Step 2: Select the Keywords.

Pick the topics which you can easily write about, on your website.

Once you choose, it’ll be added to the list.

Once you do that, you can move to the next step.

Step 3: Find the Competition of the Keywords.

To find it, You have to do 2 steps,

1: Create an account in ‘kwfinder’

Go to the site by clicking the link above.

Now click ‘Create Free Account’ & enter the details

And your account will be created.

2: Add these Keywords into the tool.

Go to the tool ►Click ‘SEO tools’ ►KWFinder ►’Go to app’ ►Import.

The number next to it shows the difficulty to rank the keyword.

So to find a keyword which is easy to rank,

Find one which has difficulty of less than ‘30’.

After finding it, Click on the Keyword Difficulty (KD) column, and you’ll find all the low competition keywords at the top.

Next, You need to find a Keyword which has more number of searches.

So if you find a Keyword which has less competition and more searches,

that means when we write content for this keyword,

it is easier to rank and can attract people to your website.

Once you’ve selected the Keyword,

Next, you have to write content for this keyword on your website.

So to write the content

Go to your Website dashboard ►New ►Post.

Enter a Title (Enter the same keyword you found in KWFinder).

Next, write the content for this title.

If you want to add an image,

Click ‘Set Featured Image’.

And then Drag and Drop your Image.

To Publish the Content, Click ‘Publish’.

And then Click ‘View Post’.

And you’ll see your content Published.

Now, you have successfully found a Low Competition Keyword and created a useful content on that keyword.

Once you have published a content google will assess your content & see if it is useful or valuable for the user who is searching for that keyword.

If Google thinks your content is suitable for this keyword, it will rank your site,

And you will start getting visitors to this blog post.

So now you know how you can find low competition keywords for your website.

To find the competition of your keywords using the Free tool,

Click this link ➜

And click ‘Import Keywords’.

Enter the Keywords which you found in Step 1.

Go back to ► Copy the Keyword and then Paste like before.

Click ‘Import Keywords’. You will be able to see the competition of your Keyword.

This is how you can find the Competition of keywords for Free.

That’s it Guys!

This is how you can find Low Competition Keywords for your website.


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